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Lethbridge Locations Only
North Location: 403-942-0244
1267 2a Ave North

 West Location: 587-425-1403
882 Heritage Blvd West

Products and prices at these locations may vary
from corporate One Stop Vape Shop locations.

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About Us

One Stop Vape Shop was started in Lethbridge in January 2016 and we are focused on providing smokers with an alternative to tobacco with our extensive selection and knowledge of vaping products.  Our goal is to provide exceptional service to ensure your vaping needs. We only carry top-of-the-line products, and pride ourselves in having the best and largest selection of premium e-liquids and vaping products around.

One Stop Vape Shop is a long-time supporter of the Canadian Vaping Association and we care about this industry and the consumers within it.  We also care about our customers and the products that we carry. We believe that as vapers, we know what it is that vapers need, and how to best help them achieve a seamless transition from smoking to vaping.

If you are looking for some of the highest quality and best tasting e-juice, or are in need of quality vaping products, then One Stop Vape Shop is here to help.
We proudly serve the southern Alberta area with two brick and mortar stores in Lethbridge, as well as delivering as far west as Pincher Creek and Fort Macleod, east to Coaldale and Taber, and as far north as Claresholm, Nanton, and Vulcan, and as south as Cardston, Magrath, Raymond, and Milk River, and several towns in between.

Your Vape Shop Professionals

As the owner of One Stop Vape Shop in Lethbridge, he has helped countless people improve their health by offering a less harmful alternative to the dangers of smoking through vaping. Over the past 10 years One Stop Vape Shop has helped thousands of people give up smoking, for a better and healthier and lifestyle.

I started vaping just under 3 years ago. I started working in our vape store right when I turned 18, because I saw the effect smoking had on my family, and wanted to help other families stop as well.
I am the manager of our Lethbridge south store. I started vaping 5 years ago, and have nearly as long experience working in the vape industry. I love assisting people in getting off of cigarettes and helping their health and lives.


I am the Manager of the Lethbridge West store. I started vaping when I was 20 and have been managing retail companies since I was 18. Now I help assist others to get off cigarettes with a healthier alternative.

Smoking has always been in my life since birth. My entire family smoked and as I grew up I witnessed the consequences of smoking and the impact secondhand smoke has. Now I assist others to overcome cigarettes with a healthier alternative.


I have been working at One Stop for over a year. Previously I smoked cigars and cigarettes both, but vaping helped me quit entirely. Apart from work my hobbies are playing tabletop games and painting miniatures.

Smoking definitely took a toll on my overall health. I used to smoke cigars but had very obvious trouble breathing or doing any physical activity. I tried quitting with the aid of patches and gum but it wasn't enough. I fell back into the habit of smoking cigars, until my friend told me about vaping and it was a godsend! I went to One Stop Vape Shop and never looked back. My health and breathing renewed and I'm a whole new me! And now I work at the shop that helped me quit so I can help others go down the same path.


 I'm a huge advocate for vaping. I quit smoking 5 years ago and have been in the industry for quite some time. Outside of work, I'm in a band and love playing music and being outside.