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South Location: 403-942-0244
1503 3rd Ave South

 West Location: 587-425-1403
882 Heritage Blvd West

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Atomizers and Coils > Herbal
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Airistech Airis 8 Replacement Coil


Vivant DAbox Water Filter


Vivant Incendio Firecore Coil Head 1/PK


Yocan Evolve / Pandon Replacement QDC single


Yocan NYX Ceramic donut coil


Yocan NYX Quartz Dual Single Coil


Yocan Stix Storage & Coils


Yocan Stix Storage & Coils - Single


CBD Coils


M3 coil 5 pack Dry


M3 coil 5 pack Wet


M4 coil 5 pack Dry


M4 coil 5 pack Wet


Replacement Coil for Dab Globe


Saionara Replacement Coils Clapton


Saionara Replacement Coils Clapton Type B


Saionara Replacement Coils Stainless Steel


Saionara Replacement Coils Twist Kanthal


Vivant DAbox Dual Quartz Clapton coil head


Vivant DAbox Dual Quartz coil head


Vivant DAbox Glass chamber


Vivant DAbox Single Quartz Clapton coil head


Yocan Cerum donut coil


Yocan Cerum quartz dual coil


Yocan Evolve Plus Donut coil


Yocan Evolve Plus quartz dual coil


Yocan Evolve-D pancake coil


Yocan Explorer coil head


Yocan Magneto coil head


Yocan Torch quartz dual coil


Yocan Torch quartz pancake coil