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1267 2a Avenue North

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882 Heritage Blvd West

 South Location: 403-942-1039
1336 Mayor Magrath Drive South 

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Nic Salts


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Envi Vape Drip'n Disposable 5000 20mg


Flavour Beast Juice (20mg)


1 Litre VG/PG


All Day Blitz Salt (30ml)


All Day Cherry Code (60ml)

$29.95 $36.95

All Day Cherry Code Salt (30ml)


All Day El Bacco Salt (30ml)


All Day Fresh Burst Salt (30ml)


All Day Haka Punch Salt (30 mL)


All Day Island Tings Salt (30ml)


All Day Kiwi Quest (60ml)

$29.95 $36.95

All Day Kiwi Quest Salt (30ml)


All Day Meloha Salt (30ml)


All Day Mucho Mang-O Salt (30ml)


All Day Purp Thang Salt (30ml)


All Day Rippin Roll Salt (30ml)


All Day Tobacco Mint Salt (30ml)


All Day Tropic Raid (60ml)


All Day Tropic Raid Salt (30ml)


All Day Verry Berri Salt (30ml)


Beast Flow Disposable (20mg)


Illusions Conquest (60ml)


Illusions Conquest Salt (30ml)


Illusions Eden


Illusions Eden Salt (30mL)


Illusions Fury Salt (30ml)


Illusions Legion (60ml)


Illusions Legion Salt (30mL)


Illusions Luna


Illusions Luna Salt (30mL)


Illusions Mamba


Illusions Mamba Salt (30ml)


Illusions Nirvana


Illusions Nirvana Salt (30ml)


Illusions Pandora (60ml)


Illusions Pandora Salt (30mL)


Illusions Prophet


Illusions Prophet Salt (30mL)


Illusions Red Dawn (60ml)


Illusions Red Dawn Salt (30mL)


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