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Pods and Coils > Innokin

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Innokin Crios Coils


Innokin Crios Coils - single


Innokin EQ Pod Cartridge 1/PACK


Innokin EQ Pod Cartridge Plex 3D Mesh coil 1/pack


Innokin Gala Replacement Pod 1/PK


Innokin Isub coils Stainless steel BVC Singles


Innokin Jem Coil - single


Innokin Pocketmod Replacement Coil


Innokin Prism coils T20S Singles


Innokin scion coils Singles


Innokin Slipstream KAL BVC coils Singles


Innokin Zenith Plex3D Replacement Coil 0.48 ohm 5/PK


Innokin Zenith Replacement Coil 0.8 ohm 5/PK


Innokin Isub Clapton BVC Coils


Innokin Isub coils KAL BVC


Innokin Isub coils NI


Innokin Isub coils Stainless steel BVC


Innokin Isub coils TI


Innokin Isub KAL BVC coils 2.0


Innokin Isub Replaceable Coils


Innokin Prism coils 5-pack T20S


Innokin scion coils 3 pack


Innokin Slipstream KAL BVC coils 5pack